For the most part, the unseen essences embedded in the genetic fabric and pumping blood of Afrikan/Nubian descendants, no matter the region, has a technology (using this word loosely to illustrate a point) all of its own.​

An Internal Technology.​
Often known as psychic abilities and supernatural phenomenon, this form of technology is rarely accepted by the world at large, especially  by the Science as well as the Sci-Fi communities.
Of course, this is very understandable since the goal of science is to offer solid and tangible evidence that can be verified by the physical senses according to established scientific means and theory.
Afro-Futurism plays a very important role in the development of Afrikan/Nubian literary and musical work, in addition to maintaining the art-form for future generations. The basis for all external application can be found in the roots of internal science (for lack of a better description using the expressions of the english language).

The use of the physical senses is based on the synchronization and harmonic movement and thought patterns with the outside nature, which is merely what lies beyond our skin. The physical senses funnel the ideas and music (for lack of a better word) of nature into our bodies through the nerves and then tracts of our brain, which provides us with a spontaneous and direct source of power. Power manifested by the reactions of our bodies, whether it is physical movement, focused sound through voice or simply the energy dispersal of our emotions. It does not become necessary to know why and how, or even the origins of the inner-workings of these things...because we ARE these things. 
We do not seek to control...we align to harmonize.


Through Afrikan/Nubian art, we have seen over the years space boats that move through the skies, half-man and half-fish creatures communicating with Dogons, minute beings the size of plants interacting with the Twa people (so-called pygmies) , energy structures that resemble the spine and vocals chords and the charting of the stars as they relate to the energy systems of animals on this planet.

If you think about it, you may have seen these expressions in Modern Science as well as Science-Fiction films and literature today. From time to time, I write blogs, you may be interested in my 'Sci-Fi is DEAD' entry--->>>>

Above, we can see Images of an Afro-Futuristic nature set in Sci-Fi atmosphere and in some cases, a lightly veiled AF atmosphere. 


The Transmissions (Novels) 

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the death of Science-Fiction and the birth of Afro-Futurism OR pscyhic transmissions of the future

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