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Rising Depth
phase 01

Peter wants to go on a vacation to get away from social work, Mass Gentrification and the Solar Flare Storms in Novus City. However, before he can do that…he must see one more case…Mafdet. Unknowingly to him, her case will open gateways that may vacate the hidden intentions of Directive Living…the Global Health Enterprise that Peter works for…

phase 02

An inexperienced inter-dimensional being is thrust into the chaotic lives of a group of reckless young adults who survived the globally cataclysmic changes of The Great Year. With barely enough skill to keep herself from being swept by their psychologically and spiritually crippled minds...Can she keep them together long enough to realize the true cause of the dramatic transformation of the world's population into one heavily pigmented race?

N Eternity Reclaimed
phase 03

A cosmic being, Neith, uncovers forgotten secrets on a hostile planet of giants. Neith finds herself forced to deal with decisions she made during the eons she spent as a warrior...the death of her son, the transformation of her husband into a malevolent beast... and the attacks by a planet that wants to kill her... Can she mend the wounds of her traumatic past before she's forced into bloodshed once more?