My journey into the Renpet Phenomenon began way before the initial contact between myself and the inter-dimensional being Serqet. Like most individuals who grew up during the 80s and was exposed to the teachings of beings who were chosen to awaken the genetic material of Nubians in the United States...I was shifted.

My name is DjaDja N Medjay and I am an Afro-Futuristic Author. My written works are actually psychic transmissions across time and space.
Why did I start to write Science Fiction?
For as long as I can recall, I have always had an interest in the Science Fiction Genre, having been thoroughly exposed to Classic (Blade Runner) and 'B' (Galaxina) Sci-Fi films by my grandfather. Many of these films along with the craze of comics shaped my reality as a young child.
However, at that age, I was rarely exposed to Sci-Fi films that held the Afrikan/Nubian perspective at its core.



As a writer/author, I am compelled to create worlds of an Afro-Futuristic nature. Currently, our senses are being bombarded by over-stimulation from the external side of spiritual and mental expressions through the use of external machinery. There is an internal side of these expressions which uses 'internal' machinery to bring about operations imagined in our minds. This internal machinery is utilized through the use of our bodies and its connection to nature and the forces beyond our atmosphere. Possessing a natural inclination to the inner workings of life, I embarked on studying metaphysics and spiritual concepts, which lead me to be a practitioner of Shiatsu (Acupressure) and Chi-Kung (Internal Breathing). My studies lead me back to the essence of where these arts originated from, which was Kemet (Kemet meaning the Land of the Blacks - known as Egypt), although Kemet was born from previous cultures of the interior of Afrika.

Then the strongest impact that could be made happened, and launched my journey in writing...reading the works of Octavia Butler.

​She wrote some of the most powerful novels in Science-Fiction to date, one of the most well-known being Kindred. Then on that fated day, 31, March, 2010, 3:31am, I was contacted by a being by the name of Serqet through a dream. This day was to be the birth of Renpet and the Renpet Phenomenon.
Eventually I came upon the Afro-Futuristic Movement after a booksigning in Philadelphia. Ever since that day, I became an Afro-Futurist.​ of the only titles I ever called myself.
Due to the continual psychic transmissions (not only from Serqet) I began seeing the strong impact made by the ancestors in my culture on the Science-Fiction world, noticing the key difference in expression. The key difference being, modern Science and Science-Fiction are based on proving that the unknown can be tamed from an external application of science and machinery. While on the other side of the spectrum, Internal Science (as I like to call it) is based on the fact that the unknown is our birthplace and its energy utilized through internal harmonization and synergistic machinery.
When I get the inspiration to write my novels, the sensation I feel is the movement of images and events transporting themselves into my being. They (the story-lines) are quite real in my mind before they reach paper and it is quite possible that all writers are tapping into a realm very close to the one many think is intangible in our everyday lives.
Rise in excellence!!! It is the most guaranteed constant of the cosmos!!!

The Transmissions (Novels) 

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© 2020 by DjaDja N Medjay. All rights reserved.


the death of Science-Fiction and the birth of Afro-Futurism OR pscyhic transmissions of the future

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