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Afro-Futuristic Vision #11 Utopia Sucks


Utopia Sucks

Everyone wants to live in a society that is free from pollution, crime, unemployment and whatever else man allows to ail his soul. This form or construct of social living is called ‘Utopia’.

utopia 1550s, from Mod.L. Utopia, lit. “nowhere,” coined by Thomas More (and used as title of his book, 1516, about an imaginary island enjoying perfect legal, social, and political systems), from Gk. ou “not” + topos “place.” Extended to “any perfect place,” 1610s. utopian 1550s, with reference to More’s fictional country; 1610s as “extravagantly ideal, impossibly visionary,” from utopia + -ian. As a noun meaning “visionary idealist” it is first recorded c.1873 (earlier in this sense was utopiast, 1854).

Has anyone stopped to think that such an ideal is somewhat childish and creates a blame game. All societies in the world are lead by government and it is government that sets the trend and standard of living according to the people’s wants. AND there are some societies that have less people which would warrant a less constrictive government. Which allows them more of an opportunity to connect directly to nature. In some cases, the figures in government were once the ordinary citizen who eventually grew tired of the ‘injustice’. It is true that due to lack of a firm foundation of morality and rulership infused, that many governments have become disconnected to the people’s needs. Throughout the life-story of this planet we can cite many social injustices along with the uprising of new orders. This seems to be the trend of ‘human’ life on this planet. Of course, this sets the stand for the idea of a Utopia Society, b/c people just want to get away from it all and start anew. Yet, someone has rarely stated what it takes to arrive at such a point where the conditions are perfect all day, the average person just wishes it to be. As an Afro-Futurist, I know that such endeavors are fruitless and quite selfish. To wish all things to be ‘perfect’ at all times shows a lack of spiritual maturity and complete ignorance (I using this word as in to ignore) of the principles of nature. To force a social climate on individuals who are still facing their own personal growth and rate of that growth. In fact, a Utopia society seems to be very much driven by the same thought that powers juvenile science…to control the forces of nature rather than be aware of and merge with it. In order for things to be perfect all the time, then there would have to be an absence of war and chaos (as stated in many Utopia Ideals), however, an opposing force would eventually represent itself in another form giving where we are at on our social level of thought and manifestation of behavior. In actuality things are perfect all the time otherwise what else would they be. The playing field here and we have all the tools. In fact what may appear to be a Utopia, may just be a cycle with an extreme amount of less manifestation of chaos…but it is still there awaiting its cycle. A Utopia, as people have it in their minds, will be the act of forced action with a rigid code of moral ethics which will initially cause rebellion in people who are not ready nor want to except such living. Examples of such were seen in Demolition Man and Aeon Flux. When something is forced then naturally it will receive the same amount of force or even more in return. A force will be created to serve to ‘balance’ the tables, sometimes that for will come in the form of an event or even a person. That is the law of nature. However, when someone sees the value of a concept and can feel it in their soul, then and only then true change and growth can take place. Idealism without conscious and Lastly, Utopia will never be experienced once it is achieved…because it is an absence of Chaos and in order for one to be aware of it then Chaos must be recognized. It is possible that one can experience this since of being within their own mind at all times…maybe that would be a bit more Afro-Futuristic.

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