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We are very fortunate to have begun an exodus out of Sci-Fi while keeping the basic foundation of its imagination and futurism intact. Afro-Futurism allows us to explore customs from the standpoint of technology and futuristic ideas, without the need of using external machinery…one such custom is Anointment. Anointing ceremonies have been a long standing process in our culture however, many see only the religious connotations and not the ‘technology of the soul’ within it. Drawing upon energies to cleanse the skin, organs, bloodstream, nervous system and the mind, an initiate is able to re-program their being for higher works. Mostly done in the presence of oils and water, our body becomes charged by intentions, words and fluid. All of which are charged prior to the ceremony. A true bathing of the entire being. In Kemet, it may have been referred to as Karast or Krst. Many feel that Chrst, Kristo and Christ are a derivative of this sound (Krst). Since most our brethren speak english as first language, it is truly a challenge to determine what Krst truly means by using the english language. It is better to look directly at the images and see the actions without attaching any ‘word’ meanings to it. I would like to share with you an example of such from my Novel N Eternity Reclaimed.

“Let me bathe you, and clear your consciousness.” Her words removed a layer of resistance from my being. “I will not take away from your sword. I will sharpen it. It may make your stay easier.” The urge to speak left me and was replaced with the need to comply. I placed my hands on the edge of the table and sat down. She gently put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me down on my back. She is extremely strong. She could have forced me down easily…if she’d desired it. Her firm hand on my shoulder communicated so much. Trust being the main message. “Can you remember the last time someone bathed you?” Tzkw asked softly. “No…yes.” I am so disconnected from this world. My mother and my son’s father. These are the only two in my whole span of years who come to mind. “I will start with your head. Are you ready?” she spoke as if I was unaccustomed to bathing. “Yes.” She reached over her side and picked up a blackcloth and folded it over. She then sprinkled gold and then indigo powder into it. Both had a strange luminesce to them. Tzkw folded it once more then submerged it in the water. As she brought it up and wrung it out, small soap-like bubbles emerged from the cloth, giving off the scent of electricity and sesshni flowers merged together. She proceeded to wash my face…and then something intriguing happened. My pores opened and began to secrete a sludge-like material. I literally felt a breath of fresh air all about my body. I inquired about this, to Khat, to innerstand the process taking place. Amazing. The indigo colored particles in the soap act like magnets…drawing out the toxins and then feeding off of them secreting a natural adhesive; along with more blackish sludge-like material. The gold particles followed by attaching themselves to the adhesive, and then funneled into my open pores, taking the shape of its walls—almost acting like insulated plating. The sekhem of this planet was drawn towards me more than ever before…

Find out more about N Eternity Reclaimed at: http://www.djadjanmedjay.com/#!n-eternity-reclaimed-excerpt/ce6j

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