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AFRO-FUTURISTIC VISION #16 Technology of Water


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Technology of Water

Rise in Excellence,Water is referred to the key of life as well as the conduit of life. However, no one has stopped to think about what life is to relate it to water. Life is a strange word indeed and as with most words, forms a reality of thought and matter. In my opinion, the use of the word life is counter-productive when seeking to plainly ‘be’, as so many people have stated that they want for themselves. You see, as an Afro-Futurist, I know that the one of the oldest constituted ‘technologies’ on this planet is the power of words. Okay…. Let me change something….

Technology of Word

As many say, words are power. Whatever you say in your mind and then with your tongue, may manifest. Then there is the power of suggestion and captured words with machinery. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against external technology, it does have its purpose. Now, back to Word as a Technology. Through the use of words, we can shift our perception, train of thought, vibrations in a room, weather around us, feelings in others, create wealth, contact ancestors, harmonize organs and communicate with plant/animal ‘life’. Our vocal chords can run through a range of notes, just like an instrument. It is the unique ability to change intangible ‘thought’ through the combination of water, air (lungs) and vibration (larynx) into sound. And with the use of the mouth it can articulate the sound. Some cultures created words from the sounds object made. They knew that those sounds were a manifestation of the object’s or creature’s spirit. Their essence. Calling upon the sound helped them to unite with the operation. That’s quite different than naming something to differentiate one thing from the other. Within both of my works, the power of words are a key technology. In Kemet culture, power of words are represented by Heka ‘sweet words’. One look at the symbol, we see many things. What comes to my mind is the space between our neurons and the word or thought that effects that space in between.

Here is an excerpt from N Eternity Reclaimed:

It’s been awhile since I’d used this technique, actually I was showed only once but wasn’t allowed to since. The heat in my palms coursed into my arms then rushed into my chest. In my mind, I said the one word mother taught me from young, the word that I only knew. My true name. The folds in my vocal cords swelled up with the heat from my chest and the stream of my name from my thoughts. In the voice that mother taught me to use, I released it in the air from my lungs and breathed it onto the surface of the pool. Before long a whirlpool appeared in the center, it drew in my essence and mixed it into every part of itself. I caught Kvn looking at my breasts jiggle out the corner of my eye. “So this is how you imprinted your essence into the house, huh?” Kvn asked while making no secret of where his eyes held their attention. “Why not just use a Master Tkkn and save more time?” He folded his arms and tapped his fingers. “We live in the woods and with the flow of time here, what time would we be saving?” I asked him simply. There’s no need to speak in depth about things he doesn’ know. I pulled apart my hands and the water followed along by dividing equally and revealing a path to the opposite of the pool…to an archway and door.

Find out more about N Eternity Reclaimed at:http://www.djadjanmedjay.com/#!n-eternity-reclaimed-excerpt/ce6j

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