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The Eye

Rise in Excellence,Ever since the natural practice of harmony with our surroundings fell into the hands of ‘more talk less action’, people have sought every single way imaginable to avoid fine tuning their mental processes through physical exertion. This possibly has caused a great strain on the eye because just accepting ‘what you see is what you get’ became a turn to extreme scrutiny. The natural ability to allow things to be revealed replaced with assumptions and ‘ego’ driven satisfaction. Of course, this process causes us to strain our vision on a physical and mental level. Along with this comes the constant bombardment of imagery throughout the day, even after when the light of the sky signals the eyes to turn its vision inwards so that the physical manifestation of sight can rest. Basically, your sight shuts off its physical muscles (the eyeballs) and returns to inward vision as the entire body rests and rejuvenates at night. Light brings activity and Darkness rest. The technology of the Eye in constantly being pushed without bearing in mind the simple laws of nature. However, we are left with many examples on how best to use our eyes. One being the Udjat, which is the eye of Heru, the mighty falcon. It radiates the expression of wisdom (the experienced and conscious words spoken) and insight (the ability to draw upon information from the memory and draw a workable conclusion). There is the inner-light which radiates outward from muscle contraction, emission of electrical currents (nervous system) and the heat from blood circulation…not to mention the spark of our thoughts. Then there is the light of Ra, people, animals, plants, nature and so forth that impinges itself on the surface of the eye. The Kemetyu (‘Egyptians’) connected the forces of nature and their thoughts so that they can be reminded to be clear of purpose and intent when envisioning their world. In N Eternity Reclaimed, I took the characteristics and spirit what the eye means in our culture and applied it to organic technology. Here is an excerpt:

Ever since I received father’s eye, I had been sifting through the imprinted information stored in the cells of blood, cones and rods. Individual images of intricate geometric shapes were spread all about with no instructions on how they related to one another. Wait. Mr-K-B. Mrkb… that’s the sound of the word that came about when I finally arranged the shapes so they would fit into one another. I recall father mentioning that a Mrkb was the key to entering the Folds of The All-Nature. Ironic that on that same day, his was snatched away by Drrn. The flames spread quickly, there was almost no way I could get to the exit safely. Noticing that the Bar Counter was not engulfed in flames, I rushed over and leapt behind it. After landing on the axphisiated body of the bartender and kicking it away from me, I quickly soaked a towel, that was hanging from a rack, in water. I wrapped it around my nose and mouth then fanned away the thick black smoke that slowly surrounded me. There was no time to waste, I had to do whatever I thought would work. I focused my breath and pulled the images into my heart… Skhm Shn Ra… it just felt like the natural thing to do. Something tore at the space in front of me, sucking in the air around me. A small dark portal opened up. I dove in without a second thought…

(c) 2012 DjaDja N Medjay

Find out more about N Eternity Reclaimed at: http://www.djadjanmedjay.com/#!n-eternity-reclaimed-excerpt/ce6j

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