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AFRO-FUTURISTIC VISION #20 Breathing in Sci-Fi

Breathing in Sci-Fi

Rise in Excellence,

In many Sci-Fi Films, comics, manga and anime, they occasionally speak of Breathing as the psychic wind that funnels through the universe. You have to pay close attention when they do.

Usually they create complex contraptions to travel/harness this Wind/Breath for military, medical and public consumption uses. They term it as a virtual world.

It is interesting to note that this technology exists within us when we are able to incorporate the rate of our breath with the clear focus and intention. However, they are times it manifests naturally, without our notice.

This usually means to untangle the mind from the myriad thoughts and just allow one to blanket across. Combine this with the breath and you will have command of the forces around you….maybe.

Orroro (Storm) needs to watch her emotional content b/c her powers are a manifestation of her spirit/soul and do not necessarily have an on/off switch. When her emotional content is disturbed, so will the forces around her be disturbed…

The breath of life is in constant flux around her and responds to the most subtle intention of her mind and that is how it is with us all.

Rise in Excellence,

DjaDja N Medjay


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