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Afro-Futuristic Vision #26 – Karma and Evolution – The Same Smurfy Breakfast Treat


Afro-Futuristic Vision #26 – Karma and Evolution – The Same Smurfy Breakfast Treat

As an Afro-Futurist, there is no field that I will rest my head in and settle to be the superior or dominate way of thought. I know and feel that my ancestors saw the whole picture and were fine with seeing everything rather than building or needing belief or ‘fact’ to substantiate their existence. What I am about to reveal today to you may be shocking….Ever since Smurf Berry Crunch


Was it Karma? Or man’s Evolution in science and taste for Smurf Berries, that caused the Navi to experience these events? Is Karma a natural evolution of events?

karma 1827, in Buddhism, the sum of a person’s actions in one life, which determine his form in the next; from Skt. karma “action, work, deed; fate,” related to krnoti, Avestan kerenaoiti “makes,” O.Pers. kunautiy “he makes;” from PIE root*kwer- “to make, form,” related to the second element in Sanskrit.

evolution 1620s, “an opening of what was rolled up,” from L. evolutionem (nom. evolutio) “unrolling (of a book),” noun of action from evolvere (see evolve). Used in various senses in medicine, mathematics, and general use, including “growth to maturity and development of an individual living thing” (1660s). Modern use in biology, of species, first attested 1832 by Scottish geologist Charles Lyell. Charles Darwin used the word only once, in the closing paragraph of “The Origin of Species” (1859), and preferred descent with modification, in part becauseevolution already had been used in the 18c. homunculus theory of embryological development (first proposed under this name by Bonnet, 1762), in part because it carried a sense of “progress” not found in Darwin’s idea. But Victorian belief in progress prevailed (along with brevity), and Herbert Spencer and other biologists popularized evolution. evolve 1640s, “to unfold, open out, expand,” from L. evolvere “to unroll,” especially of books; figuratively “to make clear, disclose; to produce, develop,” from ex- “out” (see ex-) + volvere “to roll” (see vulva). Meaning “to develop by natural processes to a higher state” is from 1832. Related: Evolved; evolving.

Karma – the sum of a person’s actions in one life

Evolution – an opening of what was rolled up

Both deal with cycles of energy/nature and both seal the outcome of events within a being’s physical lifetime. Birth, Maturity, Decline, Death. Development of personality, behavior and thought process. These same principles or concepts can be found in Tao and the Five Element Theory. Both ideals need time and observation to draw a conclusion. A steady eye; unfettered by emotion and belief. What you see is what you get.

Results from a search – The theory of karma harps on the Newtonian principle that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction. Every time we think or do something, we create a cause, which in time will bear its corresponding effects. And this cyclical cause and effect generates the concepts of samsara (or the world) and birth and reincarnation. It is the personality of a human being or the jivatman – with its positive and negative actions – that causes karma.

*BTW – Cause and Effect stem from the Principle/Laws of Jehuti (Hermetic Principles). Jehuti is a cosmic/nature principle of Kemet (Egypt) which eventually became Hermes. Cosmic/Nature principle/expressions became gods and deities later in the lifestory of this planet.

Results from a search – The sixth of the seven laws or principles is given the name Cause and Effect in the Kybalion, along with the phrase “Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.” — The Kybalion.

The Kybalion was written in the early 1900’s and its origins can be traced to ‘ancient’ Greece and Egypt (Kemet). More than likely the ancestors of the RDA (Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkins, and the likes) have read it as well.

Results from a search – Charles Darwin was the first to formulate a scientific argument for the theory of evolution by means of natural selection. Evolution by natural selection is a process that is inferred from three facts about populations: 1) more offspring are produced than can possibly survive, 2) traits vary among individuals, leading to differential rates of survival and reproduction, and 3) trait differences areheritable.[3] Thus, when members of a population die they are replaced by the progeny of parents that were better adapted to survive and reproduce in the environment in which natural selection took place. This process creates and preserves traits that are seemingly fitted for the functional roles they perform.[4]Natural selection is the only known cause of adaptation, but not the only known cause of evolution. Other, nonadaptive causes of evolution include mutation and genetic drift.

In Ancient Future 


In one of my favorite Manga Series, Battle Angel Alita, there is a scientist called Desty Nova


Results from search – “Karmatronic Mind Remapping” technology; a frightening science based around using nanomachines to map the neural matrix of the human mind, and then ‘re-map’ it on what he called the “Karmatronic” level. This would essentially reprogram the subjects mind with not only an entirely new set of memories, but allow for the programming of new personality traits, emotional reactions, and even skills and knowledge not previous kept within the originally mapped mind. This technology was based upon Nova’s “Theory of Karmatronics”, a theory that revealed a unit of energy/matter that existed on a smaller universal basis than the ‘atom’, and that the interplay of “Karmatrons” between individuals created an intensely dense pattern that Nova theorized could be studied for the purposes of determining things such as Karma, or Fate.

Anything is possible, whether from a scientific or spiritual point of view.

Karma and Evolution are one and the same.

It seems that when a culture reaches its apex as it rides in harmony with its surroundings, that it will either evolve to stay on that same path or will be disseminated and de-constructed by another culture. This appears to be its karma. Yet, it will be dormant to be reborn in another expression. Kemetyu – Shepard Kings, Kenyans – British, Harrapans – Aryans, Ainu – Nihonese and the list goes on…It happened to the Navi…smurf berry crunch is unobtanium…

In a nutshell, I present this to you for review and for deep consideration as to where we align our thoughts and where pledge our allegiance of rational reasoning with. At the end of the day, it is all the same, and what make the difference is religious and theoretical fervor…nothing more.

Rise in Excellence!!!! Be an Afro-Futurist….Lift the Veil!!!!

More to come…

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