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Afro-Futuristic Vision #27 – Science Is Fiction…and that’s okay…

Afro-Futuristic Vision #27 – Science Is Fiction…and that’s okay…

As an Afro-Futurist (and mind you, I only use this title so that we can have a leg to stand on), I know that spiritualism and science are both labels used to identify the natural operations of man when man is in-tune with their surroundings and spontaneous in expression. And man mostly uses these descriptions when speaking to their peers, who are, like themselves, are just observing; otherwise what would be the need to explain what you are doing.

My stance is not to prove or provide a slew of facts for the reader to agree with me and join me in the quest for Excalibur or the Holy Grail, since both are somewhat linked to Afrikan/Nubian cultural in some convulted way anyway. I am not looking to gain allies nor storm the walls of science. As I mentioned in an earlier rant, both science and spiritualism are one in the same to me. Yeah, I take the easy way out by allowing all things to have their place. And why not? I’ve watched for years, people proclaim their Afrocentric views and Pan-Africanism only to end up staunchly proving their points with eloquent speech and use of vocabulary that reflect more of an Eurocentric mindset than anything else. And that is only my opinion. I’ve seen words like philosophy, science, spiritualism and soul attached to Nubian culture as if Nubian culture actually had these things. In reality, these words only explain events and concepts that the observer cannot readily grasp, so it is necessary to use some words that they are familiar with understand what they are seeing. It does not translate that those things exist in that culture.

Where was I?

Oh yea…

Science is Fiction…and that’s okay…

Yup its okay…let not your heart become heavy with antagonism or vengeance for Darwin or Einstein…its okay…they knew that they were full of it…they just needed you to use it to fertilize the fields of the mind.

The only thing that is a surety is that things are taking place…things are moving. You can say what you want as to how it moves and why…its going to move regardless whether you look at it or not. Formulas and equations can very well explain and allow us to participate, which is fine…its still moving. Still. You can want to control it or find the origin…to serve what purpose? I really do not know…only to be emotional discontent with your findings and needed more answers I guess. Of course, this is where scientific research shows the beotch in it…I’m just saying.

Let’s look at the word Fiction and some others…

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