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Afro-Futuristic Vision #35 – Rising Depth Fundraiser – My Next Literary Work

Rise in Excellence,

Finally, I have seriously started my next project and have attached a Fundraiser to it, this work will tie in my whole series, The Renpet Phenomenon. I ‘project’ (which is a lovely term if you grasp it from an Afro-Futuristic point of view) that my next novel will be completed and ready by mid August. I have started a fundraiser recently and received donations however it did not reach its goal. I have relaunched another FundRaiser with Go Fund Me http://www.gofundme.com/37vjgs

Let’s take a look at Rising Depth – 

This particular image was chosen to raise some questions about segregation and its possible role in a hidden agenda that may involve a nationwide humanitarian organization…

What else does this image connect to?

The current state of water and how water is a product more than a natural resource necessary for consumption. Think about the products of an external nature (household, foods, entertainment) that attach themselves onto the internal world of a human being (nervous system, digestive system and so forth)

What effect do they have on someone’s internal nature, when there is no encouragement of growth or equal trade-off of what the body gives up in order to receive these things?

Rising Depth…

Rising Depth is the first stage of the Renpet Phenomenon, it tells of the events before the actual shift of melanin levels and electromagnetic fields on the planet. The time period when events labeled ‘RP’, were claiming many individuals with a lower content of melanin within their structure (melanin is on the inside of the body as well, not just particular to the skin). Bursts of Solar Flares would strike (although charted, there was very little that could be done) causing these individuals to either be radically changed within their genetic structure or simply burned out their bodies

Prior to these events, New York City goes through a mass gentrification (this gentrification much more geared to ethnicity rather than financial status) as well as suspicious activities from the nation’s leading sexual and reproductive health care facilitator and advocate, Directive Living.

Not just a Pill…freedom from PCD.

Then we have an individual by the name of Peter Sekham who works for Directive Living.

…between his failing convictions to the cultural background of his parents, the world of  a seemingly humanitarian Directive Living, political struggle between MidTown and UpMetro, increase in RP events and the mysterious young lady who visited his office.

All of which leads to a very interesting turn of events as Peter, like some Afrikan males, learns what it means to be a responsible member of his community… in the wake of The Renpet Phenomenon.

Another interesting aspect of this work, is that the hidden agenda of Directive Living has something to do with the ‘Alternative Lifestyle Group (LGBT)’ or Afrikan Americans or what they like to refer to as the ‘Life’. As it seems, DL (Directive Living), is interested in the spiritual energy of this group and seeks to siphon energy from their patient population…or so it seems…and Peter happens to get caught up in it all…

DL under the guise of PCD (Post Choice Disorder) administers a pharmaceutical suppressant to all those who wish to participate in a series of case studies…or so it seems. PCD, deemed by scientific research, is a disorder of the hypothalamus causing severe depression. Studies report that most cases of PCD occur after an individual openly admits their ‘alternative sexuality’…according to research Afrikan-Americans have been documented as the sole population to experience it…

Well without giving away too much, that is basis for Rising Depth. Would love for the readers of this blog to support this groundbreaking project>>>> http://www.gofundme.com/37vjgs

Please feel free to contact me about any questions concerning this project at: renpet331@yahoo.com

Rise in Excellence,

DjaDja N Medjay

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