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Afro-Futuristic Visions 1 – WHAT IS PARANORMAL?

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(Is this something ominous? Or a dark hallway that needs cleaning and may have a touch of depressive energy?)

The general definition – Paranormal is a general term (coined ca. 1915–1920[1][2]) that designates experiences that lie outside “the range of normal experience or scientific explanation[3] or that indicates phenomena understood to be outside of science’s current ability to explain or measure.[1][4] Paranormal phenomena are distinct from certain hypothetical entities, such as dark matter and dark energy, only insofar as paranormal phenomena are inconsistent with the world as already understood through empirical observation coupled with scientific methodology.[5]

For years, Afro-Futurists have fought the programmed perspective of their surroundings to unlock what is dormant (in some cases) in their genes. Due this, many are forced (compelled) to use terms like Paranormal to explain the operations or events taking place. However, what is Paranormal? Walk with me…



1920, from para- + normal. psi 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet. Use for “psychic force, paranormal phenomenon” dates from 1942.

Immediately what needs to pop-up for an Afro-Futurist, is the date when this term was used. That date represents time in European Life-story not ours. Keep this in mind. When we refer to definitions and dates are involved, it may best to separate from any claims to it, especially when those claims lead you into a collective ‘we’. When I write my material, it is from the perspective that all these ‘wonderful and amazing events’ are natural occurrences. Once again, when you co-sign to what is being fed to you, then you engender that…you are what you eat…


…Jnfr raised her arms and the water rose as well. She spread her fingers and the water moved with her, spreading out in finger-like projectiles. She began to move her arms about with the same elegance as her mother.

The water seemed linked to her movement and followed along. They danced together creating a series of postures that resembled the cosmic forms of the Netcheru. Jnfr’s breath matched the releasing and assuming of different positions, each time actually generating and dispersing the energy of whatever form she took. The low mood that engulfed the entire room in a depressive mental state, began to lift as energetic waves reverberated through the room. This world must have some relation to my homeworld. Ta. Earth. The similarities between our spiritual practices are uncanny.

I had visited many worlds that used motion and breathing to synergize with the nature around them. Yet there were few that shared the same approach of my home-world.

As she continued, the watery mass slowly formed a duplicate body of Jnfr. I could see currents being exchanged through its feet and the surface of the pool. It towered over the both of us. Jnfr stopped her dance and looked to me smiling once more…

Let’s come back to Earth and how we know things to be operated here behind the viel of what we term as Paranormal…


para- before vowels, par-, prefix meaning “alongside, beyond, altered, contrary,” from Gk. para- from para (prep.) “beside, near, from, against, contrary to,” cognate with Skt. para “beyond;” Hitt. para “on, forth;” L. pro “before, for, in favor of,” per- “through;” Goth. faur “along;” O.E. for- “off, away” (see fore).

normal- 1640s, “standing at a right angle,” from L.L. normalis “in conformity with rule, normal,” from L. normalis “made according to a carpenter’s square,” from norma “rule, pattern,” lit. “carpenter’s square” (see norm). Meaning “conforming to common standards, usual” is from 1828. Normal school (1834) is from Fr. école normale (1794), a republican foundation. The city of Normal, Illinois, U.S., was named 1857 for the normal school established there.

So we have something against/beyond the established rule/pattern or right angle. square – a hand tool consisting of two straight arms at right angles; used to construct or test right angles; “the carpenter who built this room must have lost his square”

The carpenter’s square


From a search-

‘Masonically the word “square” has the same three meanings given the syllable by the world: (1) The conception of right angleness – our ritual tells us that the square is an angle of ninety degrees, or the fourth of a circle; (2) The builder’s tool, one of our working tools, the Master’s own immovable jewel; (3) That quality of character which has made “a square man” synonymous not only with a member of our Fraternity, but with uprightness, honesty and dependability.

The earliest of the three meanings must have been the mathematical conception. As the French say, “it makes us furiously to think” to reflect upon the wisdom and reasoning powers of men who lived five thousand years ago, that they knew the principles of geometry by which a square can be constructed.

Plato, greatest of the Greek philosophers, wrote over the porch of the house in which he taught: “Let no one who is ignorant of geometry entry my doors.” Zenocrates , a follower of Plato, turned away an applicant for the teaching of the Academy, who was ignorant of geometry, with the words: “Depart, for thou has not the grip of philosophy.” Geometry is so intimately interwoven with architecture and building that “geometry, or Masonry, originally synonymous terms” is a part of most rituals. The science of measurements is concerned with angles, the construction of figures, the solution of problems concerning both, and all the rest upon the construction of a right angle, the solutions which sprang from the Pythagorean Problem, our “Forty-Seventh Problem of Euclid,” so prominent in the Master’s Degree.

The ancient Greek name of the square was “gnomon,” from whence comes our word “knowledge.” The Greek letter “gamma” formed like a square standing on one leg, the other pointing to the right – in all probability derived from the square, and “gnomon,” in turn, derived from the square which the philosophers knew was at the root of their mathematics…’

And we can go on and on looking at this information, it is important to recognize the travel of the Paranormal and its individual origins. Apparently, going outside the established field/structure of the ‘confirmed’ structure of life is ‘Paranormal’. Or not using the set standard for utilizing the forces of natures, as prescribed by ‘established academia or society’ is Paranormal. It means to me that ‘yes we know about the inner-workings of life but you have to do it like we prescribe…otherwise you are not straight or normal.’ Or something like that.

What about Psi?

psi 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet. Use for “psychic force, paranormal phenomenon” dates from 1942. psychic 1871 (n.) “a medium;” 1873 (adj.) “of or pertaining to the human soul” (earlier psychical, 1640s), from Gk. psykhikos “of the soul, spirit, or mind,” from psykhe- “soul, mind” (see psyche). Meaning “characterized by psychic gifts” first recorded 1895. psyche 1640s, “animating spirit,” from L. psyche, from Gk. psykhe “the soul, mind, spirit, breath, life, the invisible animating principle or entity which occupies and directs the physical body” (personified as Psykhe, the lover of Eros), akin to psykhein “to blow, cool,” from PIE root *bhes- “to blow” (cf. Skt. bhas-). The word had extensive sense development in Platonic philosophy and Jewish-influenced theological writing of St. Paul. In English, psychological sense is from 1910.

Are you seeing the pattern here? Everyone who has had some input has been looking from the outside in AND none of the people had any direct cultural ties to you. Gifts? Why is a gift? When you are constructed (or should I grown) in your mother’s womb, everything is there, so there is no gift. There may be a natural inclination towards certain expressions that person may have no obstruction towards.

gift (n.) mid-13c. (c.1100 in surnames), from a Scandinavian source, cf. O.N. gift, gipt “gift, good luck,” from P.Gmc. *giftiz (cf. O.S. gift, O.Fris. jefte, M.Du. ghifte “gift,” Ger. Mitgift “dowry”), from PIE root *ghabh- “to give or receive” (see habit).

For Ger. Gift “poison,” see poison. O.E. cognate gift meant “bride-price, marriage gift (by the groom), dowry” (O.E. noun for “giving, gift” was related giefu). Sense of “natural talent” is c.1300, perhaps from earlier sense of “inspiration” (late 12c.). As a verb from 16c., especially in gifted. As a verb, giftwrap (also gift-wrap) attested by 1936.

Let’s be honest people, using the word Paranormal makes us feel special and allows us to communicate an idea of ‘supernatural’ ability or ‘being special’ amongst those who have not experienced Paranormal Activity. Guess what? Every single thing you know does not adhere to the established rule/square/system of man. It is against normalcy!!

To wrap up, as an Afro-Futurist, your mission/job/expression is to be at a right angle with what you know to be accord with your own cultural expression…then Paranormal will be just another word, used by others, to describe your natural being.



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