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Earth Suits…Black Women’s intricate role in creating operating suits for Etheric Beings

Earth Suits…Black Women’s intricate role in creating operating suits for Etheric Beings

Rise in Excellence,

I am DjaDja N Medjay, an Afrofuturistic author by title in Eurocentric tones…but much more in a melanated vision.

In this writing we will explore: Earthsuits…Black Women’s intricate role in creating operating suits for Etheric Beings

Yup Earthsuits. Suits that you wear while operating on Earth. Like Spacesuits…but Spacesuits are really suiting for Earth-Suits…anyway.

ES, the operating machinery for etheric beings, created and fashioned by women who are the Etheric Beings that command this role.

Before we go any further, let us get a loose idea that determines what an etheric being is. An Etheric Being is an entity that vibrates on a much faster rate than our human bodies move at. To some degree they are souls that move/exist at a different rate through space. Of course, it is difficult for us to get a grasp of this other-worldly existence as we are plugged into these shells of flesh called bodies…or ES.

Ether itself is a Eurocentric term possibly originating between the 12th and 14th centuries or earlier. “upper regions of space” “upper air, bright, purer air, the sky” Seen as forces or material that makes up the vastness of the womb of space. Suggesting some otherworldly existence lighter than air.

Of course, there are names within African culture that identity these beings as they relate to their interaction with our planet’s vegetation, animal and humanoid populations…

…time to move into the topic.

These etheric entities can be considered conscious gases existing in the womb of space—and remember space is vast and is all mind. When mind or space creates or collects, its draws in the ever-present and amazingly expansive material which is immediately accessible to form its vision. Like how a sun collects the material it needs from its surrounding area and beyond to sustain itself,

Before I go any further, I must state this is how I view Afrofuturism, an all-natural technology of the mind. So, in pulling or drawing in material, creation comes about which takes time or movement of cycles since the material needed is far spreading about space and must travel through it to a centering point.

NOW, I want you to think about what was just said and blanket these words over the essence of women…Black Women. All women are natural creative beings in the flesh and can express all elements of life’s behaviors through action and thought. They express the will and ability of all mind to draw in substance(s) towards their centers, get them to compress then explode into a format of expression in either a physical form on various rates of vibration.

In the case of creating ES, woman gather building sources through breathing stockpiling particles from the air itself to add into their creation. Through eating they gather proteins. Through socializing they gather soundwave information from other beings. And of course, through the intake of genetic material from males. These sources pass through a wormhole (fallopian tubes) lined with various vessels to meet with a chosen sun that also traveled into the wormhole from a hatchery of other suns. That sun that is embedded on the fabric of space within the womb explodes and begins to project the ES. Not only that, the Etheric Being chosen to inhabit the ES is beamed down through the woman’s body and collects information about the outside world during the gestation of the ES.

NOW!!!! When it comes to the Black Woman. Her ES is designed to stockpile particles on a scale all her own due to its widened nostrils and/or broad nose. Her Khem or what you may call melanin, is proficient in gathering soundwave and light messages, transferring the information into the ES while moving her body in synergy with those frequencies. The black woman’s social ability is an electrical phenomenon which literally changed the entire world’s way of communicating. And it goes without saying that when these electrical harmonies reach their peak…sparks are going to fly when collecting genetic material from males (although there is talk that males may not be needed for the process). When it comes to ebbs and flows—electrical energy, gravitational forces and magnetism are needed to stir the pot…the genetic soup. The excellence of Black Women to connect to these forces naturally is comparative to the solar flares released from the surface of our Sun.

Make note—this thing or entity we call melanin, is universal and wraps itself around many levels of existence…especially the ES.

…take some moments and reflect to our statement…

Earth Suits…Black Women’s intricate role in creating operating suits for Etheric Beings Although, we live in a world full of humans, there are many different types of humans. Within each group, type or species of humans there are different forms of expression and interaction with nature. As Nubian/African people our reality and identity tend to get lumped into one whole human experience…losing our reality and identity. In the case of literature and film, this has been a constant, with our artists seeking entry into a lumped identity projected by Eurocentric ideals.

Looking into the Life-Story of this planet, within the past moon cycle, there has been a tendency of cultures conquering other cultures and absorbing their traits and customs. Remnants of this era are within social media…change the narrative…women are creators much longer than one month!!!

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Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections blanket Novus City…and Mafdet is having a difficulty controlling wormholes…



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