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Maleficent…HetHeru centuries later?… Afro-Futuristic Vision #36

Maleficent…at first glance the word looks like a deficiency in male energy, however, it is actually the name of the re-vamp of a 1959 Disney film – Sleeping Beauty. This version is starring the talented Angelina Jolie as the title character Maleficent a spirit of the Moors (which is the name of Maleficent‘s land also the name of a Nubian group of warriors, artisans and teachers) living in harmony with her surrounds in the form of what is referred to as a ‘fairy’. As being of the woods she has wings with an expansive wingspan and horns. She can manipulate matter and possibilities within the matrix of time and space as well as fly with tremendous skill. When she comes into contact with Man and his ways things change and set-up a chain of events that will unite the land of fairies and the land of man. NOW…originally I was going to jump right it and talk about what struck me first about the image and then I started watching it…it was pretty good…in fact, a better version than the 1959 Sleeping Beauty. As always I am looking for valuable data in films to trigger certain consciousnesses as well as utilize the Afrofuturistic Technology of Visualization. In short, there are ideas and concepts that are useful in my world of creativity since I write Afro-Futurism (click here to find out more about Afro-Futurism) and facilitate the body’s natural healing through shiatsu and swedish massage techniques. Everything about human behavior eventually translates into the senses and tissues…anyway… This film was a departure from the usual Villain vs. Hero dynamic and enters into a space of the inner-workings of the mind and how that shapes our reality. After Maleficent suffered *SPOILER ALERT* from the betrayal of one she loved, having her wings were cut from her body, she became distraught and that expression outwardly changed the landscape of the Moors to a necrotic state. Without going into detail everything was resolved by true love…that she had to give and that she gave naturally. Rather than stir-up a disdain for one particular character in the movie, we get the opportunity to see the shifts in a person’s personal energy so that they may evolve out from their challenge of growth…and sometimes it doesn’t take place in one life-time. All through the movie I waited for Maleficent to position her body so that the sun would shine through the space in between her horns…that didn’t happen but what did happen was this

Maleficent regaining her being was a raise in consciousness which was expressed by her soaring into the clouds and basking in the Sun. NOW….back to the main topic…those horns… When I first seen those horns I thought of Het-Heru or the name people most commonly use, Hathor. Hetheru is the cosmic principle of feminine energy of joy, motherhood and justice. Although she is often referred to as the ‘cow goddess’ in truth she is a manifestation of will. She is often seen in either a lioness form or a bird-like form.

She is considered to be the Wrath of Ra and extremely beautiful. Upon her head sits the Horned-Sun Disc. 

Primal Beauty Horns Ability for Flight Communion with both polarities of the beings Misunderstood by the heavy-hearted

Maleficent and Het-Heru both have extreme reactions to betrayal which not only causes a dramatic change in their being but their environments as well. In Het-Heru’s case she became the blood-lusted warrior Sekhmet when humans began to conspire against Ra, her anger only to be quelled by being lured into drunkenness. Another interesting point is that Aurora, sleeping beauty, states ‘…my kingdom was united by one who was both Hero and Villain.’ This represents a theme throughout Nubian culture about the unification of both hemispheres of the brain as well as degrees of personal energy. What is even more subtle is the perception of man of things and concepts that causes man to judge and become disillusioned in their pursuit for power. Which invariably causes the forces of nature to move against them. Back to the horns though…throughout all cultures you will see the horns representing power, worn as adornments in times of war. Possibly to bring forth the animal spirit for conquest. It is possible that early Europeans were influenced by earlier cultures particularly Nubians and integrated their teachings into myth and times of the GODS. In fact, the horn crown represented The Age of Taurus (4400 -2200 BCE according to European Culture).

Conclusion: Maleficent gets a 10 from me. Nubian Cultural Principles is throughout the film industry since the film industry is an amalgamation of many cultural myths and moral standards. Keep your eyes open so you can extract the buried Afro-Futuristic Technology within these films.

Be sure to look out for my next literary work of my forth-coming Psychic Transmission (Novel) entitled Rising Depth

As an Afro-Futuristic Arch Super-Villain, I have devised an on-going experiment involving the interaction of Nubians and the Sun called Sun-In. For about a year a group have been taking moments out of their day to take a ‘Selfie’ in the Sun and post it on Social Media with the tagline – Sun~In Rise in Excellence. Join us…. #teamsunin

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