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‘N’ – An excerpt and the inspiration

Rise in Excellence,

I was talking to my mate Nit, 


I want to take this moment to share that it was her dynamic attitude that inspired me with ‘N’. Watching how she holds herself, you would think she was 9 ft tall. One day as we walked through Prospect Park, I thought I would love to do a novel about a female warrior whose small stature holds an entity that is mighty and powerful beyond what her body tells.

Nit Ra Sit is a fashion designer right here in Brooklyn 


(this is a model with one of her outfits), who does custom fittings and has a line of interesting/fresh products. She is going to be involved in an event on April 26th, I AM CULTURE – http://www.nitrasit.blogspot.com/search/label/I%20AM%20CULTURE. You can find her on facebook as Nit Ra Sit.

I am going to share an excerpt from ‘N’ that was specifically influenced by her:

Jnfr looked at me. “What are you working on?”

       “I am thinking about some type of wrap skirt.”

       “Oh.” She paused. “I have something like that, would you like to see it for the pattern?”


       She stopped what she was doing in the kitchen and whispered some words over the pot before covering it.

       “That’ll be alright on its own for a bit… Be right back.”

       She slipped behind some screens and later came back with a simple wrap skirt. “Here…” She handed it to me.

       The material was different than the yarn she’d given me. It seemed to dissolve into my skin at the touch. In any case, my innate skill for working material picked up on the pattern quickly and I set to work.

       My hands moved rapidly as the information from my memories fed my hands with all that I needed to construct what I wanted. All I need is a loom…and some more yarn.

       Jnfr looked at me puzzled. “I would never have pegged you for someone who would be into this.” She scratched her head. “You’ll never be able to create it going about it that way.”

       She took what was left of the yarn and the dress from me. “Place it out like this.” She laid the dress out on the floor.

I don’t see what is so special about she did it. 

      “Now take the yarn in your hand and roll it over the material…with the intention to create.”

       I did as she said and rolled the ball over the dress. Gradually, images entered my mind, showing the

step by step construction of the dress. Along with the impression of the personal intention of the one who made the dress…Tzkw.

      My eyes closed gently without responding to the need to focus inward. I saw every cross-pattern, weave and stitch however. I did not perceive the means by which it was done––only the material taking form…..

More Later…’N’ coming soon….


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