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Prince…Love Technology and the Ankh….Afro-Futuristic Vision #38

PrinceLove Technology and the Ankh…

In 1993, Prince effectively(although we cannot confirm his true intentions) became one of the first Nubians in the United States, to use a medu netcher(more commonly known as hieroglyphs) symbol as his name, that symbol being the Ankh:

‘1993 also marked the year in which Prince changed his stage name to the Love Symbol (see left), which was explained as a combination of the symbols for male (♂) and female (♀).[66] In order to use the symbol in print media, Warner Bros. had to organize a mass mailing of floppy disks with a custom font.[70] Because the symbol had no stated pronunciation, he was often referred to as “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince“, TAFKAP, and “The Artist”.’ – wikipedia

At the time, no one, if any, acknowledged that he used(whether purposely or not)c the Ankh symbol, rather they were stuck on their projected adrogyny concept. The Ankh spelled A-N-K-H using english letters, was an utterance of energy used by the Kemetyu(Egyptians) to bring about different aspects of unseen and intangible energies into physical being. The beauty of Prince’s move, was that he exclaimed there were no letters or words that could invoke a name, the symbol itself was and is ‘what it is’. This blew folks minds b/c their lack of afro-futuristic vision did not allow them to go outside the registered meaning of language and communication…so he was called a bunch of… Whether or not the afro-futuristic and pro-Nubian communities are absolutely correct about their perspectives on the mindset and behavioral patterns of their relatives from earlier lifecycles or not, there is a certain view that the communication of our ancestors was less complicated than what we speak now. Communication through symbols…an idea directly stimulated through imagery without the clouded or convoluted attached meanings and pondering. In respect to the Ankh, the idea is to embody the psychological, energetic and biological qualities of feminine and masculine potential energy. Gender is not twofold, however, Gender has polarity and extremes depending where you stand as an observer.

The Love Technology is the ability to make rational decisions and uplifting expressions utilizing the stored/compiled electrical data in the cerebrum, the stored motor-memory in the brain-stem and the electromagnetic output of emotions. Basically, becoming a whole being.

Music plays a part in stimulating regions of the brain:

‘The researchers found that music listening recruits not only the auditory areas of the brain, but also employs large-scale neural networks. For instance, they discovered that the processing of musical pulse recruits motor areas in the brain, supporting the idea that music and movement are closely intertwined. Limbic areas of the brain, known to be associated with emotions, were found to be involved in rhythm and tonality processing. Processing of timbre was associated with activations in the so-called default mode network, which is assumed to be associated with mind-wandering and creativity.’ – http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/12/111205081731.htm

Music…depending on the music played synchronizes and re-calibrates the brain. Prince’s medu netcher embodies the polarities of male/female or:

yin/yang shu/tefnut electricity/magnetism

The horn represents sound and is more than likely the conduit for expressing action and thought…and it was right in front of our eyes the whole time…

Prince‘s usage of Purple reflects the faculties of the Crown Chakra –  ‘

When we combine the ability to utilize both female and male polarities in conscious harmony along with the level of consciousness operating at the crown chakra, we are able to operate on the frequency of the LOVE TECHNOLOGY…a technology that Prince has been promoting for FOREVER….


As an Afro-Futuristic Arch Super-Villain, I have devised an on-going experiment involving the interaction of Nubians and the Sun called Sun-In. For about a year a group have been taking moments out of their day to take a ‘Selfie’ in the Sun and post it on Social Media with the tagline – Sun~In Rise in Excellence. Join us…. #teamsunin

For more information on The Renpet Phenomenon and to support the Afro-Futuristic Cause, visit >>> http://www.therenpetphenom.com/

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