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Voyage of Dreams

A soon to be classic…that is on my reading list.

Collision of Worlds

Table of Contents Immortal (excerpt) Mona Livelong: Paranormal Detective (excerpt) Awakening Colony Ascension (excerpt) The Switch (book I of The Switch II: Clockwork) Mocha Faeryland Stealer of Souls (Immortal III excerpt) Outcasts Grandmere’s Secret


“The caretakers’ offices are on the ground floor.” Karla pointed to each of the four cubicles, two on both sides of the shuttered kitchen. Silver’s application had been accepted with only one dissenting vote. Hung Wai said he didn’t trust him. Now, Karla was giving Silver a tour of his new home.

She gestured to the flat screen mounted to a post in the center of the room. “On this console you can listen to music or watch net shows. If it’s after 11:00 o’clock, just keep the volume settings low.” The youth trudged alongside her, dragging a green knapsack.

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the renpet phenomenon

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