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Wavelengths, Frequencies, Bytes, Dopamine and Me (and You too!)

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I am DjaDja N Medjay, an Afrofuturistic author by title in Eurocentric tones…but much more in a melanated vision. Today is my first day of blogging after a long hiatus and the topic was going to be: Why is Afrofuturism important…and why should melanated writers project in its direction vs. Sci-Fi? …however, certain events have led me to do the following topic: Wavelengths, Frequencies, Bytes, Dopamine and Me (and You too!) Today, like all days before, my eyes closed in the astral realm and opened into our physical realm around 5:00am. Basically I woke up but saying it just like that seems to leave out a lot of important events…anyway. My EarthSuit naturally rises this way just about every day, may be it is due to the way I was raised (raised up like a plant – you know that ties into my logo, right?) by my grand essences and the study of energy concepts of the body for the past 25 years or so. However, today was a little different than others. Before I went to do my warm-ups and cleanse my body to do chants later in the day, I decided to READ. I almost never do that first thing in the rising. A few weeks ago I received a PDF from Pojanee Fleury called Who’s Going to Invent That, You? and I wanted to finish it without delaying myself from doing so. The read hits on so many good points about the creative process and how to go about handling challenges.

I had just a few pages to finish…moments later upon reading the last page something hit me.

I can change feeling nervous and anxious about doing projects and finishing tasks. Quite often, I will set things up to do but never complete or feel anxious and doubtful about picking it back up. This rising, March 1st, 2021, I peered into what was going on in my mind when this happens. I noticed that I naturally project blocks of bytes (data) of full plans of anything I conceptualize in a matter of seconds…and I think most people do the same. Thoughts possibly travel faster than the speed of light being that the light happened after the thought traveled and it is a report that it already took place. Like stars.

When this happens, I want to carry it all out in the same split second it flashes across my mind. really? When a large chunk of data is compressed into a smaller chunk expressing itself at a speed faster than the observer is operating on, the observer has to slow down the frequency and determine the wavelengths so they can unwrap the data and digest the information…at the rate they are vibrating on at the moment. Basically, it is nearly impossible to express an idea, that has a series of steps, into physical form in the same moment you think it…unless you are doing martial arts

…anyways… And what about the Dopamine? Those neurotransmitters firing at the spark of an idea that excites the event…literally keeping us interested and invested. They too seem to come and go. …wait a minute…can I just store this block of information and unwrap it later?

I mean it is all there (the entire plan and steps) at the instant I thought about it and unwrapping it at a time when I can be fully invested and interested won’t that fire Dopamine as well? And can I also save the initial emotions attached to the experience and unwrap them later as well? If you ever sampled a piece of music, you know that you can manipulate the sample, at will with movement of a dial, to play one minute of information in one second or extend it to five minutes of play. Don’t we have a dial in how we perceive thought? And we have will as well, a key factor in all of this!!! In fact, this entire writing was about me unwrapping the data I saved, slowing it down, firing dopamine and exercising my will. Simple. Anxiety, Nervousness…not a factor. I am starting to see those factors cause us to over-heat which causes disruption of the ideas flowing so maybe it is better to save the thoughts until later or be prepared to unwrap them in the moment. It may be similar to how the sun emits huge blocks of data in continual bursts which are received by our bodies. These huge blocks of data have to be assimilated, cooled down and stretch out for our bodies to interpret otherwise, we may just overload. Fortunately, Khem (known as melanin which was coined in 1840 by Swedish Chemist Berzelius), allows our bodies to perform like a sampler giving us the opportunity to interpret the information as chemical signals…without being BLOWN AWAY FROM THE INPUT. Another aspect, is our ability to visualize own thought process so that we may see things play out in our minds the way we want; removing obstructions and excess material. I like to think of my processing like the scene in Gods of Egypt where Tehuti (Thoth) was in his domain and all those projections of himself were running their own projects smoothly yet in tune with the main source.

Yes…visualization is important!!! …well that is all I have to say about this…now…the ‘rest’ I leave up to you.

Some tips that may be helpful with implementing this procedure: Moderate music with grooves – no flat notes or too many sharps Drink Water – the brain and just about the entire internal environment of the body is fluid based Salad – Greens help with cognitive health Good Posture – Expressing the natural curves of the spine will help the energy translate throughout the body Be in the moment – this will keep you focused and, in the moment…DOPE!

Stay tuned for the next topic: Why is Afrofuturism important…and why should melanated writers project in its direction vs. Sci-Fi?

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