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Yoda..an Egyptian God? Afro-Futuristic Vision #30

Yoda…an Egyptian God?


Afro-Futuristic Vision/Sci-Fi’s Unsolved Mysteries #30

Could Yoda be an Egyptian/Twa God?

There is not one person from the BioSphere called the Hood who did not immediately take to liking to Yoda when they seen him in Empire Strikes Back. Maybe just as much as they did to Lando, especially since the organized push for urbanites to consume an alcoholic drink named after a gun with the kick of a bucking horse was at its peak about the same time.

If children from the hood were unable to relate to Star Wars after watching the first film because of a lack of cultural identity they were surely able to after seeing Yoda. Yoda the Jedi Master that Luke Skywalker was guided to see on Yoda on Dagobah, who exiled himself to after the Jedi Purge in Star Wars 3 (which came way later although way before).

Yoda, Master Jedi, Brilliant Fighter, Loved by the Children, Simple Speech & Clear Cut Wisdom, Small in Stature & Wide of Spirit…at one with the Force. And although it is said that his image is based on the late Tsenzhab Serkong Rinpoche, I see someone else in Yoda…the cosmic principle of Nature named Bes or Bisu….better known as the Egyptian God Bes. Now whether George Lucas took the image of Bes and planted it on Yoda…only he knows. Me, I am going to take you into an AfroFuturistic Journey of Possibility…which may be fixed and naturally calculated inspiration to bring forth Yoda’s expression.

Bes or Bisu the cosmic principle of Nature that more than likely originated with the Batwa or Twa people.  

When man began to shift away from being in–tune with the forces around him, there of course became the ‘Purge’ or ‘Displacement’ of folks who were are one with the Force…I mean Nature. And this dramatically lowered the population of those who stood close to the earth and increased the uprising of external technology…ahem clones…I mean machinery.

Here is a result on some further background of the Twa –

The word ‘Abatwa’ comes from South African’s mythology referring to small human-like creature, generally look exactly like primitive African tribes. In the ancient myth, Abatwa were born from, nature spirit, Vash`Nok’s tear that brust and fell to the earth[2]. Some believe that the word originally allude to the Twa people, also known as Batwa who live in the Great Lakes region of Africa what is now Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is more credible because Twa people also have small stature, approximately 1.5 meters or only 5 feet tall[3].

Abatwa said to be the smallest human form creatures that exist in the world, about ½ inch height, small enough to ride on ants and hide beneath the grass blade. They live together peacefully with the ants in the anthill[4]. Although the myth has never mention how they deal with the ants, I think they’ve some kind of antennae similar to ants, so they’ll be able to communicate with ants and other small animals. Ant’s society is very unity and cohesion, they help each other and obviously distribute their duties and I think Abatwa might have an influence by the ants’ social structure including women role in the society. As you knew ants are a hierarchy society that rules by an ant queen and majority of the ant’s population is also female, therefore, I’ll not be surprise if Abatwa’s first president is a woman.

Because of their appearance, some cultures may confuse Abatwa with dwarf or fairy, even though there’re similar, unlike fairy or dwarf, Abatwa doesn’t have any magic power. In fact, they are nomadic with high hunter-gatherer skill. Abatwa are natural born hunter, despite their tiny body and peaceful personality, they can slay their preys several times larger than themselves with their tiny poisoned arrows1, which is very virulent, it can bring down small animals…

More can be found on a wonderful post at: http://farfromthebest.wordpress.com/2012/06/05/abatwa/

Now moving to Bes or Bisu.

Bes is seen as a cosmic principle (what tall folks call god…lol) of nature that protected the home and children, the expression of music, dance and pleasure. Seen in the homes of Nasuwt (rulers of Kemet/Nubia) and dynamically in the culture of the Twa, especially since Bes seems to be so closely related to them. Bes is said to be imported from Nubia to Kemet. And it is also said that the Twa and others like them, migrated from out the forests into the lands known as Nubia and Kemet and set up shop. Although Bes was cheerful with children, Bes is a fierce fighter able to do battle with Beasts and Man-Beasts (you know demons, evil spirits and beings made by the Umbrella corporation). He carried Tambourines and musical instruments…and sharp swords. He also was seen with ‘magic wands’ and amulets…hmmm. Some say that Bes and Tawret (Mother of Childbirth) were even found in AnkhEnAten’s household and AnkhEnAten was the one who unified all the cosmic principles (Netcheru) into Aten; doing away with individuality.

It is possible that the more warlike tendencies were added on as Bes passed through different cultures. Bes was even depicted with lion ears and tail, being that the Lion was the mightiest creature is some areas of Afrika and being that certain depiction was in the age of Leo. He also appeared on a coin being related to the god Pan. 

Now let’s look at a few things:

Yoda lives in a swamp close to nature after the Jedi Purge

Yoda although peaceful can whip ass when necessary and is skillful with the lightsaber

Yoda has a strong communication with the Midichlorians

Yoda guides young Jedi in the usage of the force  

Yoda protects and watches over Luke and Leia

Yoda talks in a rhythm and speech reminiscent of indigenous cultures

Yoda’s life-story is shrouded and little is known about his people

Yoda has very little facial hair and ears that stick out

Yoda’s size reflects his close proximity to Nature

Yoda trains young Luke in the Swamp/Marshes out the sight of his Father 

Now Bes

Bes’ origins are from the rainforest

Bes is cheerful however, is a fierce warrior that overcomes disruptive forces

Bes is very close to nature and the lifeforce of beings coming into this world through childbirth

Bes entertains Children when they come into this world

Bes protects Heru in his childhood when he hid in the marshes away from Set (as you can see below, Heru is training for his resolve in face of facets of his physical and mental selves…the reptillian brain…just like Luke above) It is interesting that Bes is right over Heru, on his back, just like Yoda was on Luke’s back…

Bes uses Swords and Magic Wands (light-saber) to ward off Spirits 

Bes has ears that stick out

Bes although seen with a Beard originally was without one since most Twa have very little to no facial or body hair. That is a trait more suited for cold weather.

And there is some speculation that the Jedi is based on a group of learned men from Kemet or one man in particular by the utterance (name) Djedi.  Djed being the pillar of Asar and the spine of main. Where the Central Nervous System relays messages through the rest of the body through MidiChlorians…I mean Neural Synapses and Cell Stimulation. The Electrical Current that flows through man.

All this is to say is that there are some very strong relations between certain aspects of Bes and Yoda. I am not saying that Mr. Lucas actually took elements from Bes to create Yoda…but the relationships are very strong with this one…

Welcome to the world of Afro-Futurism and the lifting of the veil…

More to come…

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