Psychic Transmissions into Novels


The effects of The Renpet Phenomenon has gradually shifted the use and application of technology from an external institution (machinery, forced genetic manipulation, laboratory experiments and trials, forced space-exploration, etc.) to an internal approach (meditation, harmonization of bodily organ systems, tachyon energy manifestation through slow movement, vocal resonance, etc.). Stronger manifestations of these instances have been reported worldwide, as the current dominating language (english) has made a​ll attempts to explain and control its instances.  Day by day, the genetic memory and material of those who have a natural inclination to Internal Technology, have responded dramatically to the outer influence of Nature's macro-scaled stimuli.
The name Renpet, is the transliteration of composed sounds from Kemetyu (Egyptian) language, whose closest approximation is 'Year' or 'Time of Inundation' in the English tongue. As well as a Netcheru - Net-chur-roo (Cosmic/Nature Principle) personified as a Nubian/African Woman. Ren by itself means 'name' or 'utterance of energy' and Pet 'Heaven' or 'the skies'. So Renpet can be viewed as the Utterance of Energy from the Skies...
Within my series, there will be three stage/life-cycles or chapters, to explain The Renpet Phenomenon:

The First Stage - Lifting of the veil: Rising Depth
The Second Stage - Transformation: Renpet
The Third Stage - Rising in excellence: N Eternity Reclaimed

The Second Stage - Transformation: Renpet

An inexperienced inter-dimensional being is thrust into the chaotic lives of a group of reckless young adults who survived the globally cataclysmic changes of The Great Year. With barely enough skill to keep herself from being swept by their psychologically and spiritually crippled minds...Can she keep them together long enough to realize the true cause of the dramatic transformation of the world's population into one heavily pigmented race?

The Third Stage -

Rising in Excellence: N Eternity Reclaimed

A cosmic being, Neith, uncovers forgotten secrets on a hostile planet of giants. Neith finds herself forced to deal with decisions she made during the eons she spent as a warrior...the death of her son, the transformation of her husband into a malevolent beast... and the attacks by a planet that wants to kill her... Can she mend the wounds of her traumatic past before she's forced into bloodshed once more?

The Transmissions (Novels) 

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the death of Science-Fiction and the birth of Afro-Futurism OR pscyhic transmissions of the future

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