After I was first contacted by Serqet, my mind was burdened with questions, however, her intent was not to establish a was a warning of times to come. For the most part, in the very beginning, nothing about the connection was comfortable, in fact, everything about it was unbearable. Yet, Serqet continued to send streams of images and sounds during my resting hours. 

Although most of the transmissions were only audible and seen by myself, through a means of transport which I cannot reveal, I was able to withdraw audio from the impressions upon my mind. 




​             Message from Serqet to her genetic line

             Transmission of First Chapter



             Transmission of Second Chapter



             Transmission of Third Chapter

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Serqet is an inter-dimensional super-natural cosmic being (according to our standards) who is one of many of descendants of people within this Life-Cycle. She, like the rest, are coming to their specific bloodlines to guide them to correct their genetic codes so that Serqet and her kind may exist in the future  Life-Cycle of Earth.

Serqet may or may not be the actual Netcheru (cosmic being/principle) from Kemet (also known as Egypt) however, her presence has mildly been detected as interference in global satellite transmission.

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captured image of a transmission from Serqet


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the death of Science-Fiction and the birth of Afro-Futurism OR pscyhic transmissions of the future

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