What is the Renpet Phenomenon?

The Renpet Phenomenon, cycles of cosmically shifting events causing changes in Solar Flare Activity. Resulting in Post Traumatic Stress of Cellular Activity and aggressive mutation of cellular composition....what one might call Evolution.

Renpet, the word, is an english representation of the Nubian utterance of sound to engender the energy of personified fertility, spring and youth..all elements of time. Used both by the Kemetyu (so-called Egyptians) and Nubians of AFRAKA, seen as a young woman with a palm shoot stemming from her crown (head).
RP, as documented in my Afro-Futuristic Novels, can be approached from many directions. To some degree, we can say one out of its many inceptions started with the introduction of Mitochondria (usage1901, from German, coined 1898 by microbiologist Carl Benda (1857-1933), from Greek mitos "thread" (see mitre) + khondrion "little granule," diminutive of khondros "granule, lump of salt.") to this planet within the bodies of certain sea-beings who were transported into the oceans of Earth.


Of course, Mitochondria (est. 1901) is only a coined termed, its actual utterance of energy  or 'name' can be found if we look within ourselves and ask 'who are these beings?', since we are composed of billions of them within our own bodies.
Eventually, the Mitochondria entered single-cell 'beings' and created a symbiotic relationship, providing power and direction for the use of its Matrix.
Now according to how you measure the travel of this planet around the sun or this solar system around other larger suns, you can say millions of years passed as cultures rose and fell to rise again on the planet's surface...and quite possibly deep inside its crust as well. Leading us into the current state we are in now, the state of global platonic shifts, earth shaking solar flare bombardments as well as the entire solar system passing through a Photon Belt.

​All of which are  and will be debatable by Modern Science and explained away by Scientific Theory as implausible...to some degree.

The truth of the matter is, people are consciously deciding what their reality will be and that everything is debatable from any standpoint. This is what makes RP very real and the veil between realities thinning as events progress; the veil is almost non-existent in these days and times. People are causing the shift in Nature through their actions as they interact subconsciously and consciously with the extra-terrestial (forces from beyond or outside the atmosphere of our planet). Our bodies act as the conductive material for global change as we experience the world through our senses.

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the death of Science-Fiction and the birth of Afro-Futurism OR pscyhic transmissions of the future

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