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phase 01: Rising Depth

'The earth cannot move without music. The earth moves in a certain rhythm, a certain sound, a certain note." - Sun Ra


phase 01: Rising Depth

Rising Depth is phase 01 of The Renpet Phenomenon.

For years, world governments have charted unfathomable events outside Earth's atmosphere, looking to devise a solution for what was to come. Attempting to preserve human-kind. As the clock dwindles down and the occurrence of Solar Flares become more commonplace, New York City goes through a socio-political upheaval as a result of the Mass Gentrification of Manhattan. Simultaneously, certain groups seek power through unthinkable means. Of course, this was only the perspective of those who were not in tune with the events of THE RENPET PHENOMENON....the calling from the skies to etheric melanated children on Earth,

Afrofuturistic Novel Synopsis

Peter wants to go on a vacation to get away from social work, Mass Gentrification and the Solar Flare Storms in Novus City. However, before he can do that…he must see one more case…Mafdet. Unknowingly to him, her case will open gateways that may reveal the hidden intentions of Directive Living…the Global Health Enterprise that Peter works for…



"The human melanin system functions as a whole holy black book, as the inner vision of the soul." 

- Richard King

Melanin is an exonym used to describe what Nubians term as Khem.

A structure labeled as a Polymer which is a tightly bound series of repeating  molecular subunits. It is resilient, possessing the ability to absorb light and sound for storage or energy for the body's processes.
As The Renpet Phenomenon ushers in change, Khem is activated in melanated beings at phenomenal rates causing changes in their daily behaviors and physical abilities.

While these events take place, DIRECTIVE LIVING, a Global Health on...seeking to exploit these factors...



"I planned my success, I knew it was going to happen."

- Erykah Badu 

Little is known about wormholes except that they could possibly connect two sides of the same universe together or alternate universes together.

However, what if a melanated being on the sexual cusp had the ability to open pinhole to classroom sized other regions of the planet, space and beyond.

That being is Mafdet...

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