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phase 03: N Eternity Reclaimed

'Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.' - Harriet Tubman



N Eternity Reclaimed is Phase 03 of The Renpet Phenomenon.

Within moments of each RP event, thousands of souls, who were not able to keep their physical form on Earth, were swept to another world...Planet Khusat. These souls were integrated into humanoid forms of Amazonian proportions and excited states of melanin inner-body communication. None remember what they were on Earth...but all beings on the face of Planet Khusat will be reminded of threats outside of their atmosphere  when the vampiric Alde invade and an uninvited guest becomes their savior.

N Eternity Reclaimed is the shared psychic transmission of planet Khusat telling of a time when planets are chosen as successors of their Solar System.

Afrofuturistic Novel Synopsis

A cosmic being, Neith, uncovers forgotten secrets on a hostile planet of giants. Neith finds herself forced to deal with decisions she made during the eons she spent as a warrior...the death of her son, the transformation of her husband into a malevolent beast... and the attacks by a planet that wants to kill her... Can she mend the wounds of her traumatic past before she's forced into bloodshed once more?



"I choose to be authentic in everything I do."

- India Arie

Neith is a super-natural melanated cosmic warrior goddess (for a lack of a better term) from the genetic line of Neith. One of many beings etheric in nature grown in the seas of Earth for millions of years before setting foot on land.

From Conscious Gas to Aquatic Beings to Land Dwellers.  

For eons she has fought many battles on various worlds only to become increasingly war-like.

She now serves a sentence issued by The Council of Elders to quell her battle spirit and return to a state of Maat.

Beyond her will, she is sent to planets where she is at a disadvantage in attempt to foster humility.

Will Planet Khusat be the challenge needed to elevate her being?



"A woman is more than the sum of her parts." 

- Jill Scott

Khusattyu are hyper-pigmented beings (in comparison to the Terrans on Earth) whose souls originated on Earth and traveled to Planet Khusat after The Renpet Phenomenon. Their average height is 9ft. tall with the females typically taller than the males.

Planet Khusat is actively involved in the cycles of their lives through free floating melanin-based receptors in the air.

This allows the average Khusattyu an immense level of natural psychic ability in communication with each other and the planet herself.

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