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The Renpet Phenomenon

"Radical simply means 'grasping things at the root...'" - Angela Davis

An Afrofuturistic collection of novels examining the interaction of African Genetics, Solar Activity and Terrestrial Cosmic Energies...not SciFi..


The Renpet Phenomenon, cycles of cosmically shifting events causing changes in Solar Flare Activity and Cosmic Weather. These events were initiated by Conscious Gases and Etheric Beings, within the womb of space, to usher in the Sun Cycle within Earth’s sector of the All expansive reality of MIND. Bringing a return to Earth’s natural nature and interacting on behalf of their melanated children who were grown from her surface.

Renpet is combination of ancient tones: Ren and Pet
Ren being the utterance of one's energy

Pet being the skies
The utterance from the skies or Year, since Renpet was associated with inundation of the Nile..and Life.



"Melanin can re-arrange its chemical structure to absorb all energy across the radiant energy spectrum."

 - Carol Barnes

A Solar Flare is an electrical gaseous dispersal from the Sun. Just as humans  release energy from their skin, so does the Sun. Traveling at the speed of light through the womb of space, they can reach the Earth within minutes with possible effects like an EMP.

Acting like a super-charged wave of voltage, Solar Flares can either cause disruption of biological entities or expansive growth of their functions. 



"I'll tell you what Freedom is to me,

No Fear" - Nina Simone

A Coronal Mass Ejection is a huge eruption of gaseous energy. They are composed of super-heated gases called Plasma. Slower than a Solar Flare, they blanket large areas of Outer Space. almost the size of the Sun. They can effect the Earth like an EMP.  

Coronal Mass Ejections wash over planets with longer instances of re-writing of genetic patterns of biological entities. In the case of the melanated children of Earth...AWAKENING. 

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