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phase 02: RENPET

"People have the right to call themselves whatever they like. That doesn't bother me. It's other people doing the calling that bothers me." -Octavia Butler


phase 02: Renpet

Renpet is phase 02 of the Renpet Phenomenon, informing us how Solar Flares, Photon Fields and other Cosmic Weather transformed and radically shifted every aspect of our beings in the possible future. Etheric Ancestors who LIVE in the pockets of the womb of space influence nature to reabsorb Earth's races back into blackness. Earth rids herself of the chaotic energies who inhabited her Earth-Suits leaving only a few on her surface to further cleanse the effects of colonialism from their bodies.

Simultaneously, beings from the future come to aide those of their bloodline in returning to a state of Maat.

Afrofuturistic Novel Synopsis

An inexperienced inter-dimensional being is thrust into the chaotic lives of a group of reckless young adults who survived the globally cataclysmic changes of The Great Year. With barely enough skill to keep herself from being swept by their psychologically and spiritually crippled minds...Can she keep them together long enough to realize the true cause of the dramatic transformation of the world's population into one heavily pigmented race?



"How you gonna win when you're not right within." 

- Lauryn Hill

Serqet is an inter-dimensional super-natural melanated cosmic being (according to scientific or sci-fi explanations) who is one of many descendants of the melanated people within this Life-Cycle. She, like many others, are coming to their specific bloodlines to guide them to correct their behavioral genetic codes and harmonize with natural nature. Otherwise, Serqet and her kind may not exist in the future Life-Cycle of Earth.

Serqet's presence was mildly detected as interference in Earth's newly formed global psychic communication network.


vision seed

"A minimum of effort is necessary for the practice of virtue." - Patrice Lumumba

After the RP Event or The Renpet Phenomenon, a new strain of Mucana Pruriens was naturally developed and was found to grant limited psychic abilities. Pre-RP species were shown to have elements of Dopamine.

Dubbed Vision Seed, it rapidly replaced the Internet and other communication after the fall of Earth’s Satellites and the eradication of the 5G and 9G networks.

The Mucana Pruriens or ‘Velvet Bean’ is a tropical legume native to Africa and Tropical Asia.

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