Do you have re-occuring dreams...even when you are awake? 

I do...things straight out of Science-Fiction Movie. It all started on March 31, 2012 at 3:31am. I will never forget waking up in a cold sweat, hardly able to breathe...images flashing through my head. A town in Georgia named Khenset, a sky covered in indigo colored streams of radiation, young people with miraculous powers, and her...

Everything kept coming back to one image, a beautiful young woman, whose dark-skin radiated a purplish light...her name Serqet. And she spoke of a future world...only populated by Nubians (black people)...our world...its technology and government  controlled by the Sun.

My name is DjaDja N Medjay (pronounced Jah-Jah En Mahjay - the D is silent), and this is my story...THE RENPET PHENOMENOM.

For days, I would receive images, even when I was awake. Eventually, writing became a way to cope with the constant surge of visions that flooded my thoughts...followed by loss of time and what felt like out-of-body experiences. Collectively I called the experience, THE RENPET PHENOMNENON.

Renpet is the Nubian feminine cosmic/earthly principle of time, developed by Ancient African tribes that settled Egypt (Kemet). And my perception of time was shifting dramatically.

Shortly, a collection of Science-Fiction type stories were developed from the psychic-like transmissions I received.

Months later, I would come across The Afrofuturistic Affair based in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. I met many individuals who have had similar experiences and were drawn to Science Fiction yet expressed their cultural perception as an Afro-futurist. Then it began to click...I would become an Afro-Futurist, an Arch Super-Villain of Afro-Futurism. 
This site is dedicated to the research and compilation of The Renpet Phenomenon events as well as the study of the ever-growing field of Afro-futurism. In short, a subtle fiendish plot of the Sun...

The Transmissions (Novels) 

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the death of Science-Fiction and the birth of Afro-Futurism OR pscyhic transmissions of the future

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