an afrofuturistic book series
...afrofuturism is a cultural aesthetic, which explores
the developing intersection of African diaspora culture
with natural technology and elements of modern science.

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Rising Depth

An Afrofuturistic Biotechnological Thriller!
...imagine wanting to go on vacation...then being
swept into a world of eugenics, mass gen(e)trification and solar flare storms...
our story

It is well known by documented scientific evidence that humans began in the continent known as 'Africa'. In fact, records older than the advent of science, provide numerous accounts of these facts...

What if, the same forces that brought human development into play, began to re-engineer human dna/spiritual matrices through seemingly sentient cosmic rays bombarding Earth’s inhabitants, re-awakening dormant genetic code resulting in hyper-pigmentation.​




Our novels explore the plausibility of cycles of cosmically shifting events causing changes in Solar Flare Activity/Cosmic Weather and its impact on melanated biology. 

These events have the possibility of being initiated by Conscious Gases and Etheric Beings (Ancestors), within the womb of space, to usher in the Sun Cycle.

The Renpet Phenomenon Novels explores three phrases that integrate the movement of the Sun as seen from Earth.



our Books

Rising Depth


N Eternity Reclaimed


“With its utterly clairvoyant quality, reading Renpet felt like riding in a space/timeship where I could look out and see the Earth in a not-to-distant future.”

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