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Rising Depth

An Afrofuturistic Biotechnological Thriller!
...imagine wanting to go on vacation...then being
swept into a world of eugenics, mass gen(e)trification and solar flare storms...
our story

…at the turn of the millennium, seemingly sentient cosmic rays bombard Earth’s inhabitants, re-awakening dormant genetic codes…resulting in hyper-pigmentation.​

These dramatically shifting events come to be known as...


The Renpet Phenomenon, cycles of cosmically shifting events causing changes in Solar Flare Activity and Cosmic Weather. These events were initiated by Conscious Gases and Etheric Beings, within the womb of space, to usher in the Sun Cycle within Earth’s sector of the All expansive reality of MIND.

Bringing a return to Earth’s natural nature and interacting on behalf of their melanated children who were grown from her surface.

Currently, three phases of THE RENPET PHENOMENON have been released to the public...and the psychic world of the Akasha Records...

our Books

Rising Depth


N Eternity Reclaimed


“With its utterly clairvoyant quality, reading Renpet felt like riding in a space/timeship where I could look out and see the Earth in a not-to-distant future.”

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the renpet phenomenon

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